Let the truth be told on Skype

wsa.jpgNext time you try to pull a fast one on your buddy, think twice because Skype is now offering a built-in lie detector for its VOIP service. The KishKish Lie Dectector analyses audio streams over a Skype call in real time, illustrating the stress levels of the other person to determine whether or not they’re telling the truth. The app represents the latest in a long line of smart tools seized on by Skype to add to its premium plug-ins service.

Paul Amery, Director of Skype’s development program said: “This is an excellent application, and the kind of thing we want to see more of. Lie Detector is the latest in a variety of products in our premium add-on programme which greatly enhances the Skype communication experience.”

The developer of the KishKish Lie Detector offers a superb illustration of how the app works by using it to analyzing President Clinton’s infamous denial of his ‘relations’ with Monika Lewinski.

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