Lift off for Angry Birds Space!

Lift off for Angry Birds Space!

Angry Birds Space logoAngry Birds Space launches today and its popularity already looks set to go intergalactic across mobile and desktop platforms.

The newest title in the Angry Birds series will create a big bang in the mobile gaming world. Angry Birds Space proves to be the best version of Rovio’s über-popular casual game so far, thanks to a new gameplay system based around zero gravity.

What’s so special about Angry Birds Space?

The basic principle of Angry Birds Space is the same as ever: catapult birds to break the structures and take out all of the pigs that sit on the various rocks and planets the other side of the screen. This time though, you’ll need to be more tactical because the gravitational pull will drag your birds in different directions. It makes for a more intelligent, more diverse gaming experience.

There are 60 levels in Angry Birds Space, divided into three planets. You also get several fun bonus levels that spring up randomly as you play the game. The bonus games allow you to boost your points tally and unlock new items. There’s also a ‘Danger Zone’ section with even more challenges.

How does it look?

Angry Birds Space is the best looking game of the series so far, with out-of-this-world physics, lots of fun new birds with different super powers, and beautifully drawn space scene backgrounds. If you’re playing on a device with a high resolution display, then you’re in for a real treat.

The sound effects are better than ever, and the space-age take on that catchy Angry Birds soundtrack is great.

Our verdict

There’s very little to fault in Angry Birds Space other than perhaps it’s a little easy to get through the first levels. Surely new levels will be added to Angry Birds Space over time, but for now you shouldn’t have a problem finishing the game in a couple of hours.

Angry Birds Space is the best version of the game so far, with graphics and gameplay that take casual gaming to a whole new dimension.

Where can you get it?

This is the biggest launch in Angry Birds history (the developer, Rovio, even got NASA involved!) and this time around, the game is available on five platforms from the off. You can read our reviews of Angry Birds Space and download the games here:

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