Tip: Link to a specific time in YouTube videos

Picture the situation: you’ve just watched a really long YouTube video with a really funny bit right at the end. You’d like to send it to your friends, but don’t want to make them watch the whole thing just for the sake of the final gag. Is there anyway you can share only the last few seconds of that video.

Luckily the answer is yes – and it’s probably easier than you expect. All you need to do is search for the video you want to share on YouTube, and start watching it. As soon as you arrive to the scene you’d like to share, pause the playback.

Right click anywhere on the video and select the Copy video URL at current time option in the context menu. This will copy a special URL to your clipboard that makes the video start playing exactly at that time. You can then copy that URL anywhere: email message IM client, Twitter, Facebook and so on.

Some time ago we explained another quick trick to set a specific starting point for YouTube videos, but this one’s definitely much easier. Enjoy!

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