List of free Photoshop plugins and filters

Adobe Photoshop CS3A few months ago, we posted some good tips and tricks for Adobe Photoshop, the complex but highly powerful image editing and design application. One of the great things about Photoshop, as many power users will know, is the wealth of filters and plugins. Not all users are aware though that you can install external add-ons. The trick is actually knowing where to look for them. Luckily, we’ve unearthed a list of 1000s of free Photoshop plugins and filters for you to feast upon.

You’ll find plugins like Deep Paint, which gives a realistic painting experience, Virtual Photographer, that applies photographic styles to your images, or VanderLee which creates camouflage patterns. Take time to delve into the filters too, to add some originality to your already existing Photoshop collection. Among these, Harry’s Filters and the Cybia Plug-In Filters are two particularly attractive addons. The first one contains 69 different effects, while Cybia Plug-In Filters offers hundreds of different colours, effects, embosses and screen overlays. Install as many as you can, after all, they’re all free!

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