Listen to music online and discover new bands

Listen to music online and discover new bands

Seeqpod playable musicHere at Softonic we all listen to music while digging up the Web in search of software. Most of us also carry our iPods on everywhere, so that makes a rough total of 10 hours of music a day. Is that too much? Not really. In fact, we just discovered something that will enable us to listen to even more music!

The discovery is called Seeqpod and works as an online audio and video player that streams content right to your PC. The good thing about it is that it includes a search engine with two functions: the standard search tool to locate your favorite tracks and a “Discover” button that enables you to find new music bands and styles. You can also see what other people are searching for at any given moment, so that Seeqpod turns out to be a great tool to open your musical boundaries.

The web features an embedded audio player with all the functions you need to enjoy the music you just found. It even has support for playlists, although you’ll have to register (it’s free) if you want to save them or share them by e-mail.

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