Listen to radio on your Mac with Radium

Listen to radio on your Mac with Radium

radium.pngI’m an old nostalgic for radio so when I discovered Radium for Mac all of my radio prayers were answered. What I wanted was a discreet, lightweight, easy to use radio player with a huge range of mainstream and not-so-mainstream channels and reliable streaming. Radium ticks all the right boxes.

Radium installs as a discreet icon in your Menu Bar. To access it, just click on the mini radio icon and a huge number of radio channels drops down. Just select one at random if you want to take a radio tour around the world or use the powerful search box to search in real time.


The choice of channels is staggering. There are literally stations from all four corners of the globe covering everything from talk radio to folk music. If you want to find a particular station, just type it into the search box and Radium finds them in real time. Typing in “BBC” for example brings up all of the BBC stations available – much quicker than navigating the BBC site to the different stations.

The only problem I’ve found with Radium is that accessing the preferences seems to crash the program instantly although you don’t really need to access these unless you are planning to add your own channels.

Note that Radium is free to use for 30 days but costs $16 dollars for a license after that, which entitles you to free upgrades.

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