Listen: Unreleased Freddie Mercury song will give you chills

Ben Bowman


Queen frontman Freddie Mercury had one of the most iconic voices in music. But as with so many other stellar talents of the past, the voice was often drowned out by then-popular musical trends like synthesizers or backing choruses.

Freddie Mercury

Today, we’re being treated to the sounds of Freddie Mercury without all the extra mid-80s fluff. Here’s the title track of the sci-fi musical “Time,” stripped down to its incredible singer and a piano:

You can compare it to the original here:

Producer Dave Clark was with Mercury at Abbey Road Studios in 1985 when they recorded the track. After recording the original version, Clark asked the singer to try the stripped-down version. Now, 34 years later, we’re finally able to hear what that sounds like.

People have been marveling at Freddie Mercury’s isolated vocals for a while now. This video removes all the sound of “Under Pressure,” except for the voices of Mercury and David Bowie. It’s been watched more than 12.5 million times.

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