Broadcast your life with Livestream for Google Glass

Broadcast your life with Livestream for Google Glass

Google Glass is great for sharing video from a first-person perspective. Now you can share live with the Livestream app for Google Glass.

The app lets users upload live video to Livestream’s website where your friends (or the public) can watch. The app doesn’t much besides broadcast video, though you can see chat messages in real time.

The interface is simple with a red record button when you’re live, an elapsed time counter, and viewer count. There’s also a display for connection speed at the top right to let you know if your video is streaming properly.

To start livestreaming, download the Livestream app via your MyGlass app and start the recording by saying, “OK Glass. Start broadcasting.”

If you want to share live video privately, use Google Hangouts for Glass instead.

Source: Livestream


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