LoginControl vs. Any Password

LoginControl vs. Any Password

padlock.jpgAs soon have you turned on your computer, you need passwords of all kinds to check your email, to write on your blog, to log into your favourite IM application… dozens of passwords which end up being hard to remember, especially if you follow computer security advice like having different passwords for different services and not using your dog’s name or your birthday.

Fortunately you can always get hold of a password manager. This app stores all those tricky words securely so that you only need to remember one single password, the one that grants you access to the program. Here at Softonic we have quite a few password managers, but today we’ll focus on two of the most popular options: LoginControl and Any Password.

anypass.gifAt first sight both applications look similar: a simple interface divided into two panes, with a folder structure on the left and password data on the right. Another common point between these apps is the fact that they also include a password generator, for those with little or no imagination to come up with new passwords.

The first thing LoginControl requires is to create a user profile, whilst Any Password works without them – so no support for multiple users. Both programs manage passwords in a carefully organized structure, especially in the case of LoginControl, which divides its database in profiles, then categories, then groups and finally passwords themselves, named as accounts. The database structure in Any Password is a bit more basic, as well as the template for saving data. login.gifThe only available fields are username, password, URL and comment, whereas LoginControl includes other interesting details such as account description and even the “Secret question” feature (with its corresponding secret answer) available in some website registrations. All these data can be conveniently copied into Windows Clipboard with hotkeys, both in LoginControl and Any Password.

After this brief comparison, we reached the conclusion that LoginControl does a better job. It’s easier to use and far more complete than Any Password. In any case, remember it’s important to always use different passwords, to avoid using the most obvious words and to change them periodically.

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