Looking at the best photo tools on mobile

Taking a picture with a mobile phoneSnapping shots with your mobile phone has become a common thing to do nowadays and many camera phones are now well worth any digital camera on the market. After taking a picture with your mobile phone, you probably just store it to your photo library or download it to your computer. You can do much more straight from your mobile phone though. Let’s take a look at the different applications you can use on your mobile to work with your snapshots.

  • PhotoRite – Adds all sorts of effects and frames to your pictures
  • Resco Photo Viewer – Browse through pictures quickly and view them as slideshows
  • PhotoFusion – Capture snaps, edit them and share them via email or MMS
  • PhotoAcute – Drastically improve the quality of your pictures
  • Camera Magica – Add masks, effects and filters to portraits
  • SplashBlog – Quickly publish snaps to your own photoblog
  • SYMOT Fotomate – Create smart photo albums to keep your photos organized
  • Face Warping – Mess around with portraits of your friends using a warping effect
  • ShoZu – Share photos and videos with all your contacts via email or Flickr
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