Looking for a cheap iPhone? Apple has just made your dreams come true with the new iPhone SE

Your wish has finally come true! Apple has just announced its cheaper iPhone, and it’s certainly not showing any reservations in terms of performance or features! The new iPhone SE (Special Edition) boasts the iPhone 6S processor in a 4-inch body, with a 12MP camera and the sleek look of the iPhone 5. What’s not to love?

For many mobile users who have not yet dabbled in the world of iPhone, the iPhone SE is exactly what they’re looking for. It’s cheap (for Apple) and it’s small, but at the same time provides a processor and camera that are so good, it’s no surprise that Apple named it “the most powerful 4-inch smartphone ever.”

The introductory price for the device is $399 for the 16GB, and $499 for the 64GB, and available in the same colors as the iPhone 6. We can expect to see it on the shelves in some stores (in certain countries) by the end of this month, eventually hitting 100 countries by the end of May 2016.  Who’s interested?

Official Keynote:

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