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Lucifer renewed for a fourth season: What will happen in the next episodes?

To our delight, “Lucifer” has been saved by Netflix. Tom Ellis and the rest of the cast couldn’t be happier, and the fans share the sentiment! So, what’s going to happen in season four of the show?

The final episode of season three, which became the series finale for a few weeks, was frustrating, to say the least. Chloe had discovered the truth about Lucifer, and the episode ended there, leaving us in total doubt about his reaction and especially about the duo’s future. So, what’s going to happen in season four of “Lucifer”?

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“Lucifer” fans have just one hope: that Chloe and the Devil will end up as a couple. Will Chloe accept the Prince of Darkness’ identity in season four? According to Lauren German, the actress who plays her, the detective loves Lucifer and will have to accept the truth. Also, we would like to see our hero finally confront his father! Will he do it?

So far, no information concerning “Lucifer’s” fourth season has been leaked online. At the same time, it’s still quite early, as the series was only just given a second chance. In any case, the Chloe-Lucifer duo should remain in the spotlight. The fourth season should have 10 episodes. We can’t wait to see them, can you?


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