Mac app of the week: Origin for Mac

Origin for Mac has been out for a few weeks now and if you haven’t taken a look, you’re missing out on some great EA games that are finally available for Mac. Origin for Mac is Electronic Art’s gaming platform that allows you to buy and download EA games in the same way as Steam. Origin for Mac was launched in Alpha in North America and the United Kingdom in January but was given a full release in February 2013.

At the moment there are 48 games to download including The Sims 3 (plus expansion packs), Harry Potter and Star Wars with the new SimCity expected to launch next month. There is no sign of FIFA 13 for Mac yet however and no word from EA on whether it will be released. But if you like EA games and prefer to buy digital copies of games instead of buying them at the shops, you need Origin for Mac.

Download Origin for Mac

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