Mac OS X 10.9 to focus on power users with tabbed Finder, iOS-like multi-tasking

Mac OS X 10.9 to focus on power users with tabbed Finder, iOS-like multi-tasking

wwdc 2013 squareWith WWDC right around the corner, rumors are heating up about the next version of Mac, OS X 10.9. According to unnamed sources at 9to5Mac, the changes to OS X’s interface won’t be dramatic, instead focusing on features that power users want.

The new operating system will allegedly come with a revamped version of Finder that features tabbed browsing, a feature that has been requested by many. There’s a third-party application called TotalFinder for the Mac that already has this functionality.

Perhaps the biggest gripe that power users have about the last couple versions of OS X is the broken multi-monitor support (this was in my OS X Mountain Lion wishlist in 2012). Over the years, OS X has become more and more influenced by iOS, for better and for worse. When OS X 10.7 launched, it came with the ability to full screen applications. While this was great for single-monitor users, mutli-monitor users were met with an annoying shade that came down over secondary screens for no apparent reason. Even setting a video to full screen would blank out all but one screen.


Mac users can also look forward to a revised mutli-tasking system that draws from iOS’s app switcher. This makes sense for users who want to use apps in full-screen mode like on iOS devices. This may also significantly increase the battery life of Mac laptops by “freezing” applications in the background instead of keeping them running constantly.

What features do you want to see in OS X 10.9? Let us know in the comments.

Source: 9to5Mac | Image credit: TotalFinder

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