Mac tip: Get file info in Quick Look mode

Quick Look modeI quite the like the Quick Look mode in Mac OS X 10.5, which lets you preview all your files without opening them up. You can flip through the pages of a document, skim through a movie or watch the different slides of a Keynote presentation in seconds. Quick Look is a great way to save time when you’re looking for something but don’t want to open up files one by one. Quick Look works with virtually any document and previews in a sufficient size so that you can actually see the contents, not like the mini preview where you almost have to squint to try and understand what document you’re looking at. If you’re a big fan of Time Machine, you can also use Quick Look mode to peek at past versions of documents quickly.

One of the main limitations of Quick Look mode is that it doesn’t show file information. That can be a bit of a pain, if you’re interested in looking at things like permissions, user, file size or, especially if you’re working with pictures taken with a camera, EXIF data. There is a way to reveal all that extra information (and more) in Quick Look mode. Open an Inspector window by clicking File>Show Inspector (or Command-Option-I), then open the folder of documents you want to look at and press space bar to launch Quick Look mode. Position both the Inspector window and the Quick Look window alongside each other. The information that you see in the Inspector window will change every time you switch to another document in Quick Look. Easy as that!

[Via: Macworld]

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