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All-New Mackeeper 5: Your Top Mac Cleaning and Security Solution

All-New Mackeeper 5: Your Top Mac Cleaning and Security Solution
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If you’re a regular reader of Softonic, then you know that we’ve frequently suggested that you install a virtual private network (VPN) on your computer; use some kind of privacy software to further protect your identity and keep you from being tracked; and speed up your machine with optimization software. Fortunately, MacKeeper makes it possible to do all of that and more in one easy-to-use, attractive software package – and in its latest release, it’s stronger than ever. Plus, as a Softonic reader, you can now download it and scan your Mac completely free of charge.

Chances are good that you’ve seen ads for MacKeeper before but in case you’re unfamiliar with the software, which is trusted by 2.3 million users, it employs a two-pronged approach for improving and securing your Mac usage.

Cleaning & Optimization

As all computer users know, performance tends to slow down over time. That’s because system resources are often tangled up in old data and bits of programs that are no longer used. Through MacKeeper’s Find & Fix dashboard, the software lets you click a few buttons to instantly find and delete the junk files cluttering your computer including logs, caches, duplicate files, app leftovers and more. Find & Fix further allows you to scan for and fix other problem areas on your computer that might be affecting its performance.

In version 5 of the software, MacKeeper has refreshed its Find & Fix tool, letting you gain even  easier and more visual control over the files you want to manage. It’s so effective that on average, every MacKeeper customer frees up 5.3 GB of storage space after using the utility.

MacKeeper also provides a Safe Cleanup function that lets you clear out unnecessary logs, caches, and more and also completely empty the trash with a single click. On top of that you get a Duplicate Finder that identifies and removes redundant files on your computer that can hog storage space. There’s even an Update Tracker, so that you always have the most recent – and most secure – version of your apps, and it offers an easy interface that you can use to manage your start-up items and delete unneeded ones to speed up your initial boot time.

Privacy & Security

The second major function of MacKeeper 5 is its ability to keep your computer free from malware and your privacy safe from prying hacks – a critical function considering that ⅓ of all Macs scanned by the software are infected with some kind of virus or malware.

By incorporating a VPN, every time you activate MacKeeper, you are able to tunnel into one of over 60 locations that hide your true IP address from anyone seeking to locate you. This VPN protection extends to all WiFi networks you connect to – whether in your home, at the airport, or anywhere you may find yourself when you’re out and about. Version 5 of the software now includes the fastest VPN functionality to date.

The software also employs industry leading antivirus protection that places your computer behind a shield, blocking malware attacks of all kind.

New in version 5, this malware protection will operate in real time, plus a background scanner will survey your entire computer every day, show you ways to keep your machine clean, running its best, and alert you to anything that looks suspicious. The software also incorporates ID Theft Guard, which alerts you whenever your online data may have been exposed to hackers, and a function called StopAd that blocks annoying browser ads to speed up and declutter your surfing experience.

Start Scanning Your Mac Now

With all it can do, it would be reasonable to think that MacKeeper might be tough to get started with. But the good news is that it’s super simple! All you need to do is:

  • Click the link below to download the software for free
  • Run a one-click scan of your machine
  • Decide which of the recommended actions you’d like to take to get your computer in tip-top shape
  • Set up which notifications you’d like to receive in order to keep everything running smoothly.

It really is that easy!

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