San Isidro Music Clash: How to Never Miss a Free Concert Battle Between MadCool and Primavera Sound!

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San Isidro Music Clash: How to Never Miss a Free Concert Battle Between MadCool and Primavera Sound!
Randy Meeks

Randy Meeks

This San Isidro, free concerts flood Madrid. And, in particular, Matadero. It is not for less: two of the great events for fans of live music, Primavera Sound and MadCool, will measure somehow faces for two days and eight concerts where they have tried to get chest and make it clear that both are at their best. Let’s analyze what they will bring one and the other and put the music at maximum volume: The chotis is long gone!

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Although the festival will be held from July 6 to 8 in Madrid, within the district of Villaverde, on May 13 they will give the symbolic kick-off with free concerts in Matadero, next to the Clock Tower, where they fit up to 8000 people. The pity is that it coincides with Eurovision, so it may not be a success.

Nevertheless, the lineup they have put together is very interesting: at 19:30, L.A.S DJs, who, as their name suggests, are two masked DJs playing house and electronic music for those who feel like it at siesta time. At 20:20 Girli takes the stage: she’s a 25-year-old British rapper very much in tune with today’s lifestyle. Pansexual, feminist, women’s and LGBT rights advocate, and with a catchy bubblegum beat.

Right after, at 21:45, it’s time for Sports Team, a British alternative rock band capable of making anyone dance with a rebelliousness that sometimes feels absent in today’s music. Finally, at 23:15, Cupido will appear, one of the most booming bands of today with great songs like ‘Autoestima’, ‘No sabes mentir’ or ‘La pared’. A mixture of tontipop, indie and trap that results in songs that you will not be able to get out of your head. My mom and dad made my face too good…

If you missed them, don’t worry: Girli and Cupid will repeat on the main stage of Madcool in July, along with groups and singers like Franz Ferdinand, Robbie Williams, Lil Nas X, Offspring, Sigur Rós, Liam Gallagher, Primal Scream or Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Almost nothing.

Primavera Sound

For its part, the other contender in this particular combat in which only music wins is the Primavera Sound, which will have three locations: in Barcelona from June 1 to 3, in Arganda del Rey from 8 to 10 (the classic) and in Oporto from 7 to 10. Its concerts will also be in Matadero, exactly in the same place as Madcool, but on May 15. So, it won’t even be necessary to unscrew the stage.

In this case, at 18:00 will come from Murcia the great Amore, halfway between pop and electronic music. If you have never given it a listen, try ‘La arena’ or ‘Disneyland Paris’, which are very curious. At 19:00 it will be time for one of the most fun girl groups of the moment, Cariño, who you will know for ‘Si quieres’, ‘Canción de pop de amor’ or ‘Tamagotchi’. Fast and simple rhythms bordering on bubblegum-pop that you will fall in love with from the first listen.

To show the variety of styles of the festival, at 8:15 comes the urban music of Soto Asa, between his facet of producer and singer, with his mix of rap, reggaeton and gamer aesthetics. Finally, at 21:30, the party will end with DJ Coco, who mixes hits of yesterday and today in a literal way. Attending a DJ Coco session is as fun as it is hopeful and will give you the perfect mood to go home… Or keep the party going a little longer.

Primavera Sound will repeat the posters of Madrid and Barcelona (watch out for the logistics) with names like Blur, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Skrillex, Bad Religion, Rosalía, Bad Gyal and Maneskin. Oh, and if you like other types of music, there will also be Los Ganglios, who will get you out of any trouble.

So who wins, Madcool or Primavera Sound? As always, it’s a matter of taste. The only thing that is clear is that everyone who goes to see them wins, whether they know the bands from before or just want to enjoy a fun afternoon escaping a little of the din of San Isidro. Let the musicón begin!

Randy Meeks

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