Make better use of your multimedia keys

Make better use of your multimedia keys

HotkeysI can count on one hand the number of times I’ve used the multimedia keys that adorn the top of my keyboard. There’s everything there from an internet browser launcher key to volume controls and e-mail client opener. The thing is, I never use them because most of these actions I execute with the mouse which means that they’re a complete waste of space. However, one way I’ve found to get greater use out of them is to turn them into hotkeys. By doing this, you can launch the kind of things that you want to launch from your multimedia keys instead of those that you don’t need. This can mean anything from launching programs to deactivating external devices or shutting down your PC. Here are 5 top tools for converting your multimedia keys into something more productive:

Hotkeycontrol XP
– Maps your keyboard and detects where your multimedia keys are

HotKeyP – Unsophisticated but simple and easy to use hotkey configuration tool

HotKey QL – Provides an easy way to keep track of what your hotkeys do

Qliner Hotkeys
– Features key mapping and support for hundreds of keyboards

Hotkey Sound Recorder – Adds sounds to your multimedia keys

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