Make history with Softonic

Make history with Softonic

rise-and-fall-pic-1.pngThe Christmas season is over but you’re probably still grinding through those new games. While some exciting consoles have been launched recently, the PC still plays host to countless reputable titles. Softonic has some real classics in store for you this week, among which are two of the greatest strategy games ever launched: Civilizations and Age of Empire. Let’s take you through them.

Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War, the latest in the series, gives you the chance to command some of the greatest empires in history: Rome, Greece, Persia and Egypt. You’ll have to organize your troops and set out your plans to become the dominant civilization on the planet. We really like the graphics, particularly the third-person perspectives, and the level of freedom the game gives you in developing your armies. Few feelings compare to that special rush you get from launching a massive attack on your enemies while you just sit back and watch events unfold.

Age of Empires III takes you to a different era and a different continent. Carry out various missions through Latin and North America, defending the Aztecs against the Spanish conquistadors or assisting Simon Bolivar with his South American revolution. The game is scenario-oriented and you’ll only be able to choose one side, that of Morgan Black and his family, but you’ll participate in many historic events that shaped the American continent.

Both of these games are thrilling historical military strategy games. Choosing the right one for you will depend on the era you’re interested in and whether you like to follow a scenario, or plan everything yourself. Or you just play them both.

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