Make Outlook more intelligent with Xobni

Make Outlook more intelligent with Xobni

Xobni logoEver felt that Outlook is not exactly the most helpful e-mail client when it comes to finding old attachments or sending group e-mails? If so, then get your hands on the excellent Xobni which has just been released as a public beta version. This is no average plugin either – it’s the result of 7 months closed beta testing and adds major new functionalities to Outlook.

Once installed, you’ll see the Xobni sidebar on the right of your Outlook interface. It creates a separate profile for every contact (with a little photo too if you want) in your contacts list where you can see data about your relationship statistics (how many e-mails you’ve exchanged including a ranking based on how frequently you contact them), related contacts, threaded conversations and attachments they’ve exchanged with you.

One particularly useful feature is a small graph at the top of the profile which shows you averages of the time of the day you most frequently exchange e-mails which gives you an idea of that person’s working time schedule (useful if you don’t work in the same office). In addition, it adds contact details automatically to your e-mails without even requiring any info from your Outlook contacts list. It does this by detecting phone numbers and e-mail addresses that people have sent you and then automatically creating a profile based on this data. On top of this, finding threaded e-mails and attachments is considerably easier than trawling for them through Outlook. In fact, searching in Xobni is a pleasure because it has its own search bar which instantly brings up contacts with contact details and your most recent conversations with them.

If you’re continually finding yourself frustrated with Outlook, then you might find that Xobni brings long overdue Gmail style functionality to the world’s most widely used desktop e-mail client.

You can download Xobni here and see it in action here:


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