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Make videos from your photos in no time with RealTimes

These days everyone uses their mobile devices to take photos and record videos. The thing is, many of us are at a loss as to what we should do with all of those pics and videos. Sure, you could upload them to the cloud but what if you want to share them with others? While it’s possible to grant access to your cloud storage, that can be cumbersome and ultimately an unappealing option. Enter RealTimes.

RealTimes easily organizes your photos and videos into shareable “stories” that you can then customize to their liking and then access on any device anywhere. The mobile app is simple to use and is currently available for iOS and Android mobile devices as well as the Web and Windows-based PCs.

RealTimes works by organizing your photos and videos into customizable “stories,” replete with music that you can easily share with others. RealTimes starts by scanning your device for photos and videos. Where it differs from other solutions is that RealTimes has the ability to determine where the photos and videos were taken as well as the dates and times they were taken. Additionally, RealTimes’ algorithm does a great job of choosing the best photos. In other words, don’t worry about all of those blurry, dark, or duplicate photos.

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For our tests, we installed RealTimes on a Android phone as well as an iPad Mini. Once installed RealTimes scanned each device and created the “stories.” Basically, stories are like slideshows that average about 30 seconds. Once the stories are created by RealTimes, you have the option to edit them. Simply tap to open a story and while the story is playing you’re presented with a series of options for changing the title, reordering the photos and videos (what RealTimes refers to as “scenes”), adding simple effects like filters and transitions, and changing the soundtrack. If you have any music saved locally you can add that to your story. While the app does contain quite a bit of stock music, we really enjoyed the ability to add voiceovers to our stories. We also showed RealTimes to a real estate agent who immediately began making stories to showcase the many houses that he has on the market!

After you’re done editing the story, you can choose to save or share the story. Sharing your stories is one of the most compelling aspects of RealTimes, as this feature is both simple to use and comprehensive. You can share stories with others via email, text message, share on Facebook and Twitter or just get a copy of the link to send to people.

For anyone who’s worried about forcing others to sign up for another service, RealTimes doesn’t require those you share your stories with to have an account. If you share a story on Facebook, the stories appear as embedded videos in a user’s feed and as a link in email.

One really surprising thing about RealTimes is the apps ability to help you relive moments that you may have forgotten about. Because it scans your entire video and photo libraries, the app creates stories from photos and videos that are years old. Friends really enjoyed reliving these blasts from the past.

Users who sign up for the free version of RealTimes will benefit from 2GB of cloud storage while also being able to create stories that are up to 30 seconds in length. Enable RealTimes’ auto upload feature and that cloud storage is bumped up to 7GB. That said, RealTimes will also boast a subscription model where for $5 a month, users are allocated 25GB of cloud storage. Opt for the $10 a month model and cloud storage is unlimited! Subscribers can also create longer stories. Of course there will also be $1 in-app purchases to unlock specific features that appeal to individual users. Features like the ability to add more photos and music and more importantly, the ability to remove the RealTimes watermark.

If, like us, your mobile devices are packed with photos and videos and you’re looking for an easy and elegant solution to share these moments with friends and family then look no further than RealTimes. Grandma and grandpa will thank you.

Download Realtimes for Windows, iOS and Android.

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