Make Windows clipboard better, faster, stronger

Windows Clipboard on steroidsCopying and pasting are probably the two most frequent actions you perform during a working session with the computer. The Windows clipboard is thus an essential tool for all sorts of tasks, saving you loads of typing and time.

But despite its usefulness I still find the clipboard quite limited in functions, as it only allows you to copy and paste one single element at a time. Fortunately there are plenty of programsº that can easily improve the clipboard’s functionality and storage capacity, turning it into a really helpful tool for all your daily computer tasks. Take a look at the following list and make your choice!

  • Clipboard Help+Spell – Save clipboard entries into a searchable database with text formatting capabilities, hierarchical structure and a powerful spell check.
  • M8 Multi Clipboard – Store up to 25 items on this extended clipboard for pasting in your documents at any moment.
  • Multi Clipboard – Have up to 9 different clipboard text snippets ready to be used either via mouse click or by means of a keyboard shortcut.
  • Clipboard Recorder – Save multiple clipboard entries for later usage. It supports transferring data between computers.
  • ClipX – Store up to 1,024 items on your Clipboard and use them whenever you want, with support for both text and graphics.
  • ClipDiary – Save clipboard history and record data in several formats, including TXT, RTF and even images in BMP.
  • ClipMagic – Store multiple clipboard items in a convenient categorized structure with extended information about each clip.
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