Manage your passwords safely in SplashID

After having it on my New Year resolutions list for several years in a row, I’ve finally made up my mind and started using a password manager. It’s the kind of decision you’re constantly postponing for several reasons: they take a long time to configure, they’re uncomfortable to use, they’re not safe enough… But I’ve definitely overcome all those excuses and started off this year with a new program on my computer: SplashID.

Manage your passwords safely in SplashID

SplashID is the best password manager out there. It’s not free, but it’s worth every cent. It’s got two great characteristics that make it unique: total customization and support for multiple platforms. Regarding customization, SplashID lets you create as many categories as you need to organize your passwords, as well as edit each entry with the appropriate fields. As for cross-platform support, SplashID has clients for Windows and Mac, and aslo a plethora of mobile devices including iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, Windows smartphone, Blackberry and Palm. The best thing about this multi-platform technology is that you can sync data wirelessly between different clients, so if you’re using the SplashID desktop client on your Windows laptop and you have it on the iPhone as well, you can have a synced copy of all your passwords both on the computer and on the phone, available anytime, anywhere.

Like similar programs, SplashID is protected by a single master password – the only one you really need to remember – that grants you access to the database. This database is organized into various categories, to which you can add your own. Each password is saved in a fully detailed entry, with fields for type, category, URL, username, password and any other data you may need. Like I said before, all these fields are easily customizable. SplashID also has a password generator and a handy auto-fill tool that automatically fills in the username and password fields on a website – though it only works with Internet Explorer.

Manage your passwords safely in SplashID

There’s little more to say about SplashID. It’s convenient, safe and easy to use. Of course, configuring it to your needs and filling in the database with all your password takes a while, but it’s really worth the effort. Also, having a backup of all your passwords automatically encourages you to use safer combinations, because you’re no longer afraid of forgetting them.

If you tend to use the same passwords for all your services – or forget the ones you set because they’re all different – you should definitely consider using a password manager. It’ll be one of the best decisions you take this year, for sure.

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