Managing startup items on your PC

startup-your-laptop.pngI personally hate how my PC gets clogged up by an ever growing amount of startup items. Now the best solution is often to go straight into the options menu of these programs and uncheck the “launch on startup” feature. You can also use any good cleaning application to see a full list of all startup items and remove the ones you don’t need. It’s fairly important to do this as having too many startup items on your PC will slow it down considerably every time you launch it.

I found two good apps that focus on the task of identifying startup items: Arrange Startup and Quick StartUp. The first lists up all items and lets you add, update or delete them thanks to a list of buttons on the left of the interface. I slightly prefer Quick StartUp as it offers a nicer interface and lets you uncheck startup items you don’t want. You can also refresh the list of startup items and temporary disable the ones you don’t want to see for the moment.

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