Mario’s brother Luigi is dead!

Daniel Caceres


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I’m sad to report that Luigi, Mario’s younger brother, has died and his death is painfully immortalized in the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer for Nintendo Switch.

Luigi was in the prime of life (only 35 years old) when on August 8, Death, the eternal villain of the Castlevania saga, literally snatched his soul with his scythe. For a moment, Simon Belmont, vampire hunter and guest star on Smash, looks like he will save him. But in the end, it’s not clear and he runs out of there with Richter.

Luigi had a short (but) full life. He was a plumber, ghost hunter, doctor, kart driver, tennis player, dreamer, parasite in Bowser’s gut, transvestite, dancer and, above all, a downright coward.

The Mario Bros. family will announce details about his funeral soon.

However, the most optimistic players think there’s still hope. They suspect that Story Mode for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate could revolve around ghosts. If so, Luigi could possibly rise from the dead.

When asked his opinion about this rumor, Mario, his older brother, has said the following: “Mamma mia!”

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