Marvel announces new mobile card game

Marvel has announced its new mobile card game Marvel Battle Lines at San Diego Comic-Con. Developed by Nexon, the game will be free to play, and will launch on Android and iOS late this year. A trailer for the game can be viewed below:

The trailer doesn’t offer a ton of details on the game, but we can see at the end that the game utilizes a grid-based battle system. Each player will choose from hundreds of heroes to create a 12 card deck. While the deck size is small, the real strategy is positioning your heroes correctly on the grid. This allows the game to toe the line between simplicity and depth, forgoing the daunting practice of deck building for strategic positioning.

Powerful heroes require the use of Cosmic Fragments, the game’s equivalent of mana or energy cards. The most powerful hero in a player’s deck is their Deck Leader, and taking down your opponent’s Deck Leader wins you the game. Popular heroes like Black Widow and Iron Man are featured as Deck Leaders, and they have special abilities that help you specialize your strategy.

In addition to the game’s PVP mode, Marvel Battle Lines will feature a single player campaign written by comic book writer Alex Irvine. In this colorfully illustrated story, Captain America and the Red Skull battle for the Cosmic Cube, which has shattered with its pieces scattering across the Earth.

You can preregister at the game’s official website, which nets you 5,000 in-game gold and an exclusive Dr. Strange card.

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