Controversial Marvel Snap problem with latest update

Controversial Marvel Snap problem with latest update
Pedro Domínguez Rojas

Pedro Domínguez Rojas

“Yo gamers, listen up! Have you been spending hours playing Marvel Snap? If so, you’re gonna wanna hear this. The latest Marvel Snap patch has just dropped and, as always, controversy is brewing.

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A new addition to the list of improvements and nerfs, which already have long threads on Reddit discussing if they were truly well chosen, has joined a new addition that, theoretically, will serve so that new players do not have to spend a lot of time creating a good deck, although the price is not exactly adapted for all pockets.

A three digit price pack

Marvel Snap is a card game and, like all card games, you must go forming your own deck of cards playing games against other players. If we take into account that it is a free game, or free to play, we will quickly fall into where its monetization system resides. Effectively, getting cards (and upgrading them) faster.

Despite this system, the rate of obtaining cards is consistent enough for an average player not to have to spend money if they want to enjoy the experience, but that does not mean they should not spend money too, for example, get the card of the season or quality premium items.

While the prices in their store have generally been quite affordable in the past year, in this latest patch, Marvel has added the “pro package” aimed at all those players who have just started and want to save many hours of gameplay. The problem? It costs no less than 100 bucks.

The new pack includes a whopping “12,500 credits and boosters, enough to improve 8 common cards to infinite,” according to the patch notes. This exorbitant price continues the trend that was already seen at Christmas when packs that were around 50 and 80 dollars came out. You know, prices that the average mobile card game player can afford.

Will the mega packs break the balance of the game?

The new prices of Marvel Snap raise doubt about the commercial strategy of its developer, Second Dinner. While during the first months, they showed a clear intention of creating a good brand image, with prices suitable for all budgets and that did not force the player to buy, the launch of this type of pack with such exorbitant prices could break the balance of the game.

The most “shrewd” players (and with the most bulging wallets) will not take long to buy these packs to have greater chances of winning. Something that can affect the community, where many will feel forced to buy packs if they want to have chances of winning without spending 24 hours playing.

Will Marvel Snap end up turning into a Pay-to-Win Game?

Pedro Domínguez Rojas

Pedro Domínguez Rojas

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