Master the art of origami on your PC

Scare your mates with a paper gunForget completing years of training and buying mountains of clay, the only thing you need to become a master sculptor is a bit of paper and a PC. As you’re probably aware, origami is the anicient art of paper folding which allows you to produce minitature representations of animals, buildings, people, or anything you want.

Learning this intricate art isn’t as complicated as you might think, thanks to appplications such as Paper Folding 3D. The program acts as a complete beginners’ guide, providing you with three-dimensional, multi-view guides that let you watch the front, back and sides of the artworks as they are put together.

Then it’s over to you, and to help you complete your pieces there are 130 different models included in Paper Folding, ranging from birds to fish to useful household objects. You can design custom model textures by using the frame lines exported by the software. Once you’ve perfected the basics, you’ll soon be able to produce works such as this incredible paper AK-47.

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