MEGA launches iOS cloud storage app

MEGA launches iOS cloud storage app

MEGA, the cloud storage service with 50GB of free space now has an iOS companion app.

MEGA for iOS lets you see what you have in your MEGA folder, share links to your files, view photos, read your MEGA messages and talk to your MEGA contacts.

In Settings, you can choose to store up to 1GB of your MEGA files on your device locally. A simple slider lets you set the maximum space you want to allocate for MEGA files. If you click on one of your files, MEGA will download it to local storage – you can then access the file on a computer by connecting to iTunes and viewing the File Sharing menu in Apps. This option is not available in Dropbox, but of course you can access any of your files from either app by using the standard sharing links.

Kim Dotcom announced the release on Twitter, saying only ‘OMG!!! #Mega’. He later teased the upcoming release of a Mega Sync client for Windows, Mac and Linux, that he claims will take down Dropbox.


[Source: Twitter]

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