Michael’s house in GTA V recreated in Minecraft (video)

Michael’s house in GTA V recreated in Minecraft (video)

Michael De Santa‘s house from GTA V has been recreated in Minecraft by user Tanriverdi. You can see it by visiting the Keralis Minecraft servers, or watching the video below. Michael is one of the three protagonists in Rockstar’s hit sandbox game.

The recreation of Michael’s house is impressively accurate, with even the interior about as close as you can imagine Minecraft getting to the original. At the moment, it’s also as close as you’ll get to playing GTA V on PC, as there’s still no word from Rockstar on when or if it’s going to happen.

To visit the house in Minecraft, you have to join a multiplayer server, which you can find here. Then you need to press ‘T’ to bring up the command line. Then you can enter “/warp Gallitzin” followed by “/tppos -1768 73 2349”, which will take you to the house.

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