Microsoft announces the future of Windows

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Microsoft showed off it latest updates for its Windows Platforms today at its Build developer conference. Windows Phone 8.1 gets a new voice assistant called Cortana to battle with Siri and Google Now. Windows 8.1 update 1 is finally friendly for mouse and keyboard users.

Most interestingly, Microsoft announced its vision for the future: one app that works across all Windows platforms, including the Xbox One. Developers can create one app for Windows and have it immediately work across phone, PC, tablet, and console.

Microsoft announces the future of Windows

It’s an exciting time for Microsoft and here’s the news you won’t want to miss.

Future Windows apps will work across PC, tablet, phone, and Xbox

Windows 8.1 update 1

Universal apps that work across all Microsoft operating systems will soon be a reality. At Microsoft’s BUILD developer conference, Corporate Vice President David Treadwell tempted developers with this announcement.

This means a developer can create one app for Windows and have it automatically work with Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8.1, Windows RT, and the Xbox One.

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Microsoft teases the return of the Start Menu

Windows 9 Start Menu

Microsoft is finally listening to its desktop users. The company teased a new Start Menu that integrates the tile interface. The company says it will be bring back the Start Menu in a future Windows update.

Windows 8.1 update 1 was just announced today, bringing improvements for mouse and keyboard users. The new Start Menu should make the operating system feel more familiar for many users.

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Microsoft previews touch version of Office

Office for touch PowerPoint

Microsoft gave a brief preview of its upcoming touch version of Office at its BUILD conference today. Only PowerPoint was shown, featuring gesture controls and OneDrive integration.

Office for touch uses the same “ribbon” interface we’ve grown accustomed to since Office 2007. Things have been simplified and made easier for touch. Inserting and manipulating photos is easy using touch gestures like pinch to zoom.

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Windows Phone 8.1 innovates with Cortana voice assistant, Internet Explorer 11

Windows Phone presentation

Microsoft revealed the latest version of its Windows Phone operating system at its annual BUILD developer conference. Windows Phone 8.1 is a major jump for the operating system.

The biggest reveal is Microsoft’s voice assistant called Cortana. It promises to interact with users by offering answers, understanding natural speech, and anticipating your needs. It takes features from both Google Now and Siri. You can see a pattern emerging of Microsoft taking the best of its competitors.

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Windows 8.1 update 1 announced, coming April 8th


Windows 8.1 update 1 will be available to download for free on April 8th, bringing more tweaks and changes to Microsoft’s latest OS six months after the release of 8.1.

The headline change for Windows 8.1 update 1 is the default boot to classic desktop that is enabled for any non-touch devices. That means your laptop or desktop will now go straight to the traditional Windows desktop when you turn it on.

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