Microsoft will force Internet Explorer users to use latest version

Microsoft will force Internet Explorer users to use latest version

Starting January 12th, 2016, Microsoft will be forcing Internet Explorer users to update to the latest version of the browser supported on that operating system. This move is to make sure the latest security and performance enhancements are available to everyone.

Microsoft has a great history of supporting its older software, but supporting old browsers makes little sense. The company only recently pulled support for its twelve year-old operating system, Windows XP. Upgrading to a new operating system is prohibitively expensive for some, but Internet Explorer is free.

Windows 7 and 8 users will need to update to Internet Explorer 11 to continue receiving support for the browser. If Internet Explorer 12 comes out before January 12th, 2016, users will need to update to that version.

If you don’t want to stay safe online, it’s best to run the latest version of any browser. You can download the latest versions of IE 11 below.

Download Internet Explorer 11: Windows 7 | Windows 8 (pre-installed)

Source: Microsoft

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