Microsoft launches instant video messaging app Skype Qik

Microsoft launches instant video messaging app Skype Qik

In 2011 Skype bought mobile video service Qik, and then closed it in early 2014. Now it’s back as Skype Qik, a free instant video messenger that allows you to talk to your friends and also delete videos from conversations if you want.

Skype Qik look’s like the VOIP company’s answer to Snapchat, but it’s got some differences. It’s extremely simple to set up, and focuses purely on video, with no distractions like photos or text messages. You can record up to 42 seconds at a time, and your video is instantly sent to your friend or group chat.

It also features Qik Flik, where you can record and keep five second videos to use as emoticon-like responses in a chat. Any video you send can be deleted from a chat by you, and all chats are automatically deleted after two weeks. There are no in-app options for saving videos, although like Snapchat, Skype Qik might be exploited by third party apps. This is even admitted in the app’s description, so you shouldn’t send anything believing you have total control over it.

Like WhatsApp, Skype Qik is mobile only and you register using your phone number – there’s no login required as the app is tied to your device.

Skype Qik is available for iOS, Windows Phone, and Android

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