Microsoft previews Sway, the first addition to Office for a decade

Microsoft previews Sway, the first addition to Office for a decade

Sway is an upcoming Microsoft app for making presentations that are sharable and viewable on any web browser or device, make it the first new addition to the Office suite in a decade.

While it’s still in development, the idea is to make creating attractive presentations easy for everyone, regardless of your design skills. You’ll be able to create them by dragging and dropping media from the web, like YouTube, image searches, or social networks like Facebook, into the app.

What makes Sway different is that when you drag and drop in your ideas, it will intelligently format them into a ‘cohesive layout’. Once you have everything together, you’ll be able to make any changes you want, but the general idea seems to be that you will have something that you can immediately show to other people.

Check out some examples of documents created in Sway here, here and here.

You can request an invite to test the app here, and when you’re, accepted you’ll be asked for your feedback to help shape the app’s development.

Source: Microsoft

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