Microsoft release new version of Live Writer

Windows Live Writer screenshotMicrosoft has just launched a new version of its blogging software Live Writer featuring several interesting new features and additions. It finally supports native videos with a simple ‘insert video’ function and is now XHTML compliance.

Previously, Live Writer needed a plugin to insert videos but it now automatically supports videos from YouTube, Splashcast, Brightcove, Google Video, MySpace, Revver and MSN Soapbox. It also makes uploading photos to the web much easier when using Blogger with integration into Picasaweb. For longer posts, there’s also a new ‘print post’ option which optimises the format for print-outs. Perhaps the most overdue feature however was compliance with XHTML as Live Writer now generates cleaner and neater code.

The best feature of Live Writer for me is still the fact that it offers WYSIWYG editing since you can see exactly what your final post will look like as you write. I’ve always preferred WordPress for functionality though although these latest improvements have tempted me to give it another whirl and see how it measures up now.

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