Microsoft Worldwide Telescope now available online

Microsoft Worldwide Telescope now available online

Worldwide Telescope, Microsoft’s app for astronomy fans that managed to make Scobleizer cry, has recently launched a handy online version that enables you to surf the sky without having to install the program on your computer. Well, you do have to install something else: Microsoft Silverlight. No more support for Flash, I suppose.

The web-based version of this massive astronomy app is very similar to the original desktop one. Surprisingly enough, it loads up quite fast and features smooth, seamless animations. You can freely move around the universe with the help of your mouse, though you’re probably best off with the app’s featured Collections: packs of space landmarks that let you easily travel from one planet or constellation to another, with one mouse click.

Worldwide Telescope online

Worldwide Telescope Online also includes user-created guided tours which, despite taking a while to load, are also a good way to take a deeper look at specific elements in the universe and learn more about the topics you’re interested in.

Like I said, the whole website works quite smoothly and loads fairly quick. Though it does require some space on your local hard drive to save data, it’s definitely a good alternative to the desktop version. Plus the web client works with Windows and Mac.

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