Microsoft’s big secret revealed: what will succeed your PC?

Microsoft’s big secret revealed: what will succeed your PC?

Microsoft patented a revolutionary invention in 2015, but all us normal folk haven’t yet heard about it.

A patent explorer (official title?) has discovered that Microsoft plans to change the world of computers with a concept called a “modular computing device.” The patent which was filed July 7th 2015,and basically means they want to start making PCs like Lego.

In theory, this patent would give you the possibility to upgrade your PC in a matter of seconds rather than having to open it and change internal parts. There are however, already similar inventions on the market such as the PC for gamers called Razer:

Although, what Microsoft is working on aims to go much further than just desktop computers. According to the patent, this could be applied to devices such as mobiles, PCs, games consoles, entertainment apps, in other words, the ultimate electronic device.

The PC market is shrinking, so it certainly makes sense that Microsoft is preparing a Plan B, however I highly doubt we’ll be seeing anything of this invention in the very near future.

Source: Inquirer

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