Microsoft’s new Windows 10 hardware for 2016, and more news

Microsoft’s new Windows 10 hardware for 2016, and more news

In this week’s news sundae we have a healthy dollop of Microsoft hardware news, with a sprinkling of Windows 10 information, and to top it off a Facebook shaped cherry.

Starting with the cherry (because we always do), Facebook has just started previewing its new Like button. Offering a choice of six one-click responses to posts, users in Ireland and Spain can start trying them today.

Next up comes Microsoft’s Windows 10 update topping. The latest update – version 10565 – is currently available for Windows Insiders and includes Edge browser and Skype messaging updates. (Source: WinBeta)

Finally, we get into the delicious Microsoft-hardware flavored ice-cream, as we bring you news from the Redmond Company’s New York device presentation where they bought the latest news about Xbox One, Holo-Lens, Microsoft Band, Surface, and Lumia. (Source: Windows)

Right at the bottom of this weeks delicious news there was even some chocolate-fudge sauce to enjoy, with Microsoft revealing its first ever laptop computer, the Surface Book. The specs are incredible, and it looks set to go head-to-head with Apple’s most powerful portable machines without sacrificing on battery life.

That’s our sundae glass scraped clean, we will be back on Thursday with more tasty videos. I’ll see you then.

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