Mighty Opera Mini comes to Windows Mobile

Mighty Opera Mini comes to Windows Mobile

Opera MiniIf you’re a Windows Mobile user you now have a reason to gloat at all your friends who have iPhones. While users of the Apple device are still waiting for their version of Opera to materialize, Pocket PC and Smartphone owners can now enjoy a better internet experience thanks to the release of Opera Mini for Windows Mobile.

The application makes it faster and easier to browse the web on your mobile. It features scaled-down versions of some of the excellent time-saving features in the desktop version of Opera. This includes a Speed Dial start page, which lets you add shortcuts to your favorite web pages and open them with a single tap. Tabbed browsing is supported too, through a stylish dock that lets you flick through thumbnail previews of the pages you have open and navigate to them quickly. Opera Mini also includes stuff like address autocomplete and a search bar, to help you get around the web quicker.

The Opera Mini interface

Viewing web sites in Opera Mini is a delight. You can move around the page with your finger or the cursor key and zoom in and out with a single tap. There are all manner of options for tweaking the appearance of pages, such as altering font size, adjusting image quality and viewing pages at full screen. Sites load much quicker than they do in Internet Explorer, thanks to the unique technology that Opera Mini uses to serve pages. Check out our full review then go and download the fastest Windows Mobile browser out there.

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