Minecraft 1.8 to get World Customization tool (video)

Minecraft 1.8 to get World Customization tool (video)

Minecraft 1.8 will have a world customization tool. This means you will have some control over what your Minecraft world will look like when it’s generated at the start of a game.

Developer Mojang showed off the feature in a video you can see below. The World Customization tool doesn’t let you sculpt worlds manually, but rather control the parameters the game uses to create worlds. There are three pages of parameters to play around with. This means you’ll be able to create much more extreme terrain if you want.

The third page of parameters allows you to set the sea level, and toggle various features like lakes, temples, villages and more. Mojang have also added seven presets you can use: Water World, Isle Land, Cavers Delight, Mountina Madness, Caves of Chaos and Good Luck.

Minecraft 1.8 is scheduled for release sometime in May 2014, and as well as the World Customization tool there are lots of small improvements and additions, including some new ‘Splash’ messages, that you see in yellow when you start the game.

Source: YouTube, Minecraft Wiki


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