Extreme Minecraft Day 6: Nil Ojeda says goodbye to the series dressed as Spider-Man (he is totally serious)

Extreme Minecraft Day 6: Nil Ojeda says goodbye to the series dressed as Spider-Man (he is totally serious)
Nacho Requena Molina

Nacho Requena Molina

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After the rest break that took place on Sunday, January 22, the 55 streamers remaining in Extreme Minecraft returned to play in the series. Well, let’s clarify: for some the game was short-lived, as they lost their last remaining lives and were eliminated from the tournament.

That may be, precisely, one of the headlines that Day 6 of Extreme Minecraft leaves us: almost all the participants are already on the brink of the abyss. In fact, yesterday there were 20 deaths and several eliminations. let’s go with it.

Most Viewed Minecraft Extreme Day 6

After the fifth day where there were changes in the ranking of the most viewed channels, with the sixth day everything “returned” to normal. After all, the main streamers broadcasted again, so the smaller ones could not do anything. The table was as follows:

  1. Auronplay: 128,100 spectators of maximum peak.
  2. Ibai Llanos: 84,900 spectators.
  3. Rubius: 56,500 spectators.
  4. Marki Lokuras: 27,700 viewers.
  5. ElXokas: 26,700 spectators.

Minecraft Extreme Day 6 Fatalities

As we said in the first paragraph, the sixth day of Minecraft Extreme left us a total of 20 deaths with 4 eliminated (the second day with more lives lost). The first death of the day was the famous Ibai Llanos, who only has one life left. The eliminations, on the other hand, were for three streamers who had already been on the tightrope since the previous day: Nil Ojeda, KajaNapalm, HitBoxKing and Mayichi.

We have already been warning that almost all of them are one life away from being eliminated from the competition, which is why every day it is more fun to watch the series (and the tests are also more difficult, of course). These are all the deaths:

  • Ibai Llanos: 1 death.
  • Riobo: 2 deaths.
  • GenesisGtv: 1 death.
  • Nil Ojeda: 1 kill (eliminated).
  • LakshartNia: 1 death.
  • ElPerita: 1 death.
  • ItsVicens: 1 death.
  • ZormanVideos: 1 death.
  • Axozer: 1 kill.
  • ElisaWave: 1 death.
  • KajaNapalm: 1 kill (eliminated).
  • NexuzHD: 1 kill.
  • Dess_t3: 1 kill.
  • HitBoxKing: 1 kill (eliminated).
  • ElMariana: 2 deaths.
  • Roiereal: 1 death.
  • AllelVCR: 1 death.
  • Mayichi 1 kill (eliminated).
Nacho Requena Molina

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