Minecraft major update 1.7.1 coming Friday

Minecraft major update 1.7.1 coming Friday

The next big update to Minecraft is coming this Friday. Minecraft 1.7.1 has a huge list of bug fixes, and some serious new features. It may not have the headline grabbing horses of 1.6, but there’s still plenty for Minecraft fans to get excited about.

The major change in Minecrat 1.7.1 is the new world generation. There will be double the amount of biomes in your map, including new trees, flowers and blocks. As Mojang says, this means ‘less ocean, more awesome.’

New blocks include two types of wood, stained glass, packed ice, red sand and podzol. There are also new taller flowers, and portals can be bigger. Achievements and statistics receive an overhaul, and there are improvements to multiplayer.

On top of all this, there are 80 bug fixes, including one for horse fans: ‘The horse armor equip sound does not play when replacing others’.

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