Minecraft-style FPS Ace of Spades updated

Minecraft-style FPS Ace of Spades updated

Back in October I came across Ace of Spades, a neat little online FPS that mixed Minecraft mining with fast competitive action. The game was recently updated to version 0.7, with a raft of new features that make it much easier to get into. Watch the video below to watch me getting shot over and over again!

The game now asks for your name, so you don’t have to open the configuration file and manually change it, and in game you are notified about headshots. The other big improvements are that enemy locations have now been removed from the radar, while bullet tracers are now shown. This makes it easier to find the action, while making it possible to hide from the opposition.

Ace of Spades is tons of fun. Despite still being in beta it’s really playable, and the mining aspect makes for an unusual FPS game. You can host your own server, or play on one of the many public ones. The environments are really varied – there are some tight maps for intense fighting and other strange ones, like the huge monolith riddled with tunnels mined by players. You’ll never see that in Call of Duty!

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