Mobile app of the week – Sonic Dash

Mobile app of the week – Sonic Dash

This week saw the release of two big behind-the-back endless running games for mobile. On Wednesday Temple Run: Oz came out – which takes the original Temple Run format and applies an Oz the Great and Powerful theme to it. Then yesterday Sega’s Sonic Dash was released –  which takes the original Temple Run format and applies a Sonic the Hedgehog theme to it. And they said that innovation was dead!

The two pretty much follow the same run-as-far-as-you-can-while-collecting-stuff approach. But of the two, Sonic Dash just shades it in terms of originality. It’s beautifully designed and recreates the gorgeous worlds of Sonic games of old, from the scenery down to the appearance of baddies from previous Sonic titles.

The gameplay has some Sonic-style elements to it, too. For instance, you need to spin to kill bad guys (which you do by swiping downwards) and if you get hit you can carry on at the expense of losing all the rings you’ve collected. You can play as one of four characters from Sonic, though characters other than Sonic need to be unlocked – which requires either an investment of time to earn game currency or an in-app purchase.

Check out our full review of Sonic Dash to find out more and see what we thought of it. The game is available from the iOS App Store for $1.99 (no Android version as yet, I’m afraid).

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