Mobile game of the week: Zombie Smasher

James Thornton

James Thornton

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Not another zombie game, I hear you scream! Well yes, Zombie Smasher is another zombie game for Android but it’s so much fun that it warrants a look.

The great thing about Zombie Smasher is its simplicity. To destroy the moronic hoards of undead you don’t need to cultivate an elaborate garden like you do in Plants vs Zombies, hunt them with guns like in Dead Trigger, or run for your life as you do in Zombie Dash. In Zombie Smasher, all you need to do is squish soulless corpses with your finger.

The zombies in Zombie Smasher rush down from the top of the screen and you have to squash their brains by tapping on them. Not only do the zombies move faster and more unpredictably as you progress through the levels in Zombie Smasher, but new kinds of zombies are introduced that are trickier to kill. For instance, there are burrowing zombies that hide underground, teleporting zombies, vicious dogs with lighting speed and baby zombies that fly forwards when you kill their mother.

Check out our full review of Zombie Smasher for Android, then go download it for free from Google Play.

James Thornton

James Thornton

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