MobileMe to replace .Mac on July 11

MobileMe to replace .Mac on July 11

mobileme.jpgFor all you .Mac members, there’s only three days left until the service is shut down and Apple switches you to its brand new MobileMe service. Released at the same time as the new iPhone 3G, with which it will interact, MobileMe is surrounded by high expectations, as it will be a big step up from the aging .Mac services.

An Apple support page keeps a status posted to let .Mac members know of the switch. On Wednesday July 9 at 6 pm GMT, the .Mac service will be taken offline. The new MobileMe service will then have a six hour window to be introduced, which means .Mac members could spend a few hours without access to their account. The status window shows little colored buttons next to each .Mac service to keep you updated on their availability.

The switch seems to be highly worth it though. Although the yearly subscription fee is still a little high at $99, I feel that MobileMe offers much more incentives. Not only do you get 20 GB of individual storage, which should be plenty to hold all your emails and a significant amount of pictures, but you also get better integration with all Apple applications like iCal, Mail and the Address Book. You also still get direct access to your iDisk from your desktop.

The best improvement for me though is the easy synchronization of all your data, which should be best demonstrated with the iPhone 3G. Having all your contacts, notes and emails disseminated across all your computers and devices can really drive you crazy, and you simply don’t want to waste time harmonizing personal data on each device. If synchronization with MobileMe really proves to be as seamless as they say, I might just consider signing up.

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