Modern digital solutions to modern digital problems

Modern digital solutions to modern digital problems

We’ve all heard Gen Xers, and Millennials but not everybody has heard of Xennials. Xennials are a micro-generation born between 1977 and 1983. This small window of time is relevant because anybody born between 1977 and 1983 will have experienced an analog childhood and a digital adulthood.

They’re a bit of both, Gen X and Millennial all in one. The plight of the Xennial is significant because it shows that we’re all living in a digital world, but we don’t all know what we’re doing in that digital world. Even millennials, who are considered to be digital natives, still need to learn the rules of the digital world they’re born into, and Gen Xers have to come to terms with the new world that has sprung up around them. It is a jungle out there.

Every day takes all of us deeper into this digital world that we all now inhabit, but it is a digital world, much like the analog one that came before it, filled with ever-evolving threats and risks. The main difference is that we’re all dealing with threats from across the globe rather than just from our neighborhood. Whether it is you, your little eight-year-old son or your 88-year-old mother who is online doesn’t matter. You’re all exposed to the same malicious actors who are continually coming up with new and elaborate ways to take what is yours. Ransomware, adware, identity theft, phishing scams… the list goes on.

As the list gets longer and types of threat vary, it becomes harder and harder for the programs you enlist to protect you to keep up. It is no longer enough for antivirus programs to simply scan your computer and then check the findings against a database of known threats and malicious code. This type of action is still useful, but it needs to be the baseline, the bare minimum upon which stronger and more effective methods of detection can be built. Sophos understands this perfectly and has developed some digital techniques and processes that allow it to offer comprehensive real-time protection of all the computers it is tasked to protect.

A head for business

Sophos is not new to antivirus and security. Traditionally concentrating on enterprise-level security and managing antivirus and malware protection across entire networks, sometimes connecting thousands of PCs, Sophos has been protecting businesses for decades. This experience means that when it comes to the nuts and bolts of signature-based antivirus, matching detections against databases of known threats, Sophos has extensive records filled with years’ worth of detections to check. Signature-based antivirus is not enough anymore, however. It is like an analog solution in a digital world, but Sophos knows this.

The fact is that not all digital threats these days are simple viruses or malware. Ransomware can encrypt your data, phishing sites can look exactly like reputable sites, keyloggers can send your passwords to nefarious third parties, and even your webcams and microphones aren’t safe and could be spying on you right now. The point is, detecting a malicious piece of code and then taking action might not be enough, and it might be too late. Sophos’ answer to the modern problems of this digital age is protocol behavioral analysis.

Protocol behavioral analysis looks at how a file is behaving. Sophos then acts accordingly based on how it is behaving. If, for example, ransomware strikes Sophos will understand that it is trying to encrypt the user’s data so that it can be held for ransom. This understanding allows Sophos to prevent the encryption and backup the targeted data to ensure none of it is lost to the encryption. Other times behavioral analysis will have the edge over analog signature-based antivirus is with PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications). PUAs could be anything you don’t want on your PC, but at the moment fashionable PUAs are crypto-miners that hijack a PCs resources and uses them to mine bitcoins for some malicious actor. Sophos’ behavioral analysis can spot a file acting like a crypto-miner and then move to block it from working.

Sophos Home Premium

Although Sophos has been protecting businesses for years, Sophos also offers Sophos Home Premium allowing personal users to bring enterprise-level protection into their home. Being expert in protecting large networks, Sophos can bring network-level features, as well as behavioral analysis, and advanced ransomware protection, to their home protection offering.

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Malicious traffic detection works at the network level, and each Sophos Home Premium license can be used to protect up to ten devices. These devices can all be managed remotely from a single device, meaning the other nine devices have visible online security that won’t get in their way. Sophos Home Premium provides robust security via features like banking protection; online content filtering; and web protection via a database that includes tens of millions of bad URLs and a separate database of phishing sites. Privacy guard monitors access to webcams and microphones, and blocks attempts to record keystrokes, while a download reputation service ensures only files from safe locations are downloadable. Sophos Home Premium gives complete control over an entire family’s access to and interaction with the digital world we live in. Whether you’re looking to stop your youngest child from seeing inappropriate content or your elderly parent from being scammed online, Sophos gives you the power to take control.

Sophos Home Premium is available for Windows and Macs, and all licenses come with premium support, which includes live email and chat available 12 hours a day, and access to a 24-7 knowledge base. Sophos has a huge library of articles relating to all manner of modern digital threats, meaning keeping yourself up to date with what is out there is only a click away.

Try a Free 30 Day Trial of Sophos Home Premium


With Sophos bringing its enterprise-level antivirus software into the home, it is providing security-conscious users the chance to protect themselves and all members of their family, via their ten device subscription model. The advanced protection offered by Sophos Home Premium cannot be understated, and the ease with which this rigorous and modern protection can be shared with other less tech-savvy or security conscious users’ needs to be celebrated.

Today’s modern digital world offers you everything you could ever imagine at your fingertips, but it is also full of risk and potential danger. Sophos Home Premium offers a robust means of protection that ensures you can make the most of what today’s world offers without having to worry about the potential threats. In an ever-evolving digital world, that is an impressive feat.

For those worried about the cost of such rigorous antivirus protection, Sophos also offers a Sophos Home Free version. Obviously, this doesn’t offer many of the premium features spoken about above but still offers real-time antivirus, parental web filtering, web protection from known malicious sites, remote management, and the peace of mind of having your device protected by Sophos’ security experts.

If you’d like to try the premium features mentioned above you can try a Free 30 Day Trial of Sophos Home Premium.

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