Mojang announces big changes to Minecraft Pocket Edition

Mojang announces big changes to Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft creator Mojang announced today several upcoming changes to the mobile version of the game via its website. The changes will affect both the iOS and Android versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Mojang is currently working on significantly expanding the world in the mobile versions of Minecraft, what is undoubtedly a huge undertaking for its developers. In addition to the size, Mojang will also work on updating the AI and the inventory of the game, among other things.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Mojang also mentioned limiting access to beta testing of Pocket Realms as of March 1st, noting a focus on the PC version of the game. Those in the best testing group for Pocket Realms better get as much as the can from the service before March 1st.

Unfortunately, Mojang gave no information as to when the changes to Minecraft Pocket Edition will be available on iOS and Android.

(Source: Mojang)


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