Moments: Facebook’s latest and easiest way to share photos

Moments: Facebook’s latest and easiest way to share photos

Facebook has recently introduced its newest addition, Moments, an app that promises to revolutionize the way we share photos with our friends – and you’re going to love it.

Picture this: It’s your birthday party, and you’re too busy playing host to worry about taking photos in order to remember your special night. Luckily, your friends are there to help and between all of them, you’ll probably end up with around 300 + pictures capturing the great fun you all had together. The only problem is, how do you get your hands on all these photos?

Well, you’ve got two options:

You could create a WhatsApp group, made up of all your friends who were present at the party, and ask them each to send you the 300+ photos one by one. You can then individually select the ones you like, save them to your phone’s memory and upload them to Facebook once you get them all organized. This could take days, even weeks – and we all know how unreliable friends can be when it comes to sharing their photos.

Or, you could simply use Facebook Moments! This clever little  app allows you to create and share albums with all the people who were at a particular event (Facebook even uses special facial-recognition technology!), therefore no one is left out, and no photo is ever forgotten about.

07-06-2016 10-11-24You can edit the privacy, as well as create customized slideshows creating the perfect visual memories from your special occasion.

Discover everything this app has to offer in this video!

How to share your photos from the last party

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