More cheats for Icy Tower

More cheats for Icy Tower

Improve your Icy Tower skillsMany people choose to spend their lunch hour taking a walk, reading the newspaper or lunching with friends. However, there are plenty of us who must stay chained to our desks at this time due to our chronic addiction to Icy Tower. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to help Harold the Homeboy get to the top of the tower over the years, but I still can’t bear to tear myself away from the game. A while back I hit you with some tips and tricks on how to improve your score and now I’ve stumbled across some more great cheats that no serious ‘Tower-head’ should be without, courtesy of RAMMichael.

The site offers a bunch of downloadable add-ons that will inject a new lease of life into Harold, and improve your overall enjoyment of the game (if such a thing were possible). I must confess that I’m still not exactly world class at the game, so I found the Icy Tower Trainer a real godsend. This utility lets you do things like freeze the game, make all floor lengths the same, or unlock any start floor.

Those of you who are more proficient in scaling the tower might want to try and make things a little bit more challenging from the start. Icy Tower Floor Controller is a simple little editor that lets you change the size of the floors to make things a bit more interesting. Initial Speed Changer, on the other hand, will crank up the pace of the scrolling at predefined speed of your choice. Both of these tools add some welcome diversity to those boring early stages.

Lots of my Tower-playing pals have taken to posting videos of their stunning performances on YouTube. I’ve got pretty fed up with their gloating, so I installed the Icy Tower Replay Editor and Replay Info. The editor allows you to change the values in your saved replays to make it look as if you’ve done a lot better than you actually have. It takes a while to get the hang of programming these changes, but once you do you’ll probably spend more time pretending to do really well than you will actually playing the game!

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